I do this work for the same reason a writer writes, an artist creates, and a parent loves: because it is anchored in my soul.

Every personality test, every coaching program, every therapy session, and every discover your perfect career quiz on Facebook has the same result. I am a connector, a visionary, and a dedicated champion. And, I hold the world and myself to incredibly high standards when it comes to leaving things better when you leave than they were when you arrived.

that’s emma - the greatest human to ever live. (photo by  @michaeljmcdaniel )

that’s emma - the greatest human to ever live. (photo by @michaeljmcdaniel)

I grew up in the Ozarks, Kansas City, and Little Rock, Arkansas. One grandmother was a preacher’s wife and the other a salt-of-the-earth hard worker. While I was growing up, my mom worked in private schools, always leading with a servant’s heart, and my dad was a successful salesman who never met a stranger and always believed in a better tomorrow.

The combination of these people resulted in me having a deep sense of being called to create a better world, the optimism to believe I can do it, and the drive to keep trying until I figure out how to make it happen.

After coming up through the ranks in various nonprofits, I was (the first single mom) accepted to Boston College Law School - at age 31. This was only one of my many education adventures. By age 36, I had completed a B.A. with majors in Sociology, Women’s Studies, and Society & Health, a Graduate Certificate in Women in Politics and Public Policy, a J.D. from Boston College, and an L.L.M in Tax from the University of Missouri at Kansas City. In fact, have spent much of my life in constant search for the best way to have a positive effect on the world. (I’ve had also had 4 cross-country moves as an adult, and a total of 10 in my lifetime.)

Feeling disenchanted by the over-worked + under-paid people (mostly women) who made up the non-profits I had been part of, I left my role as the CFO of a local domestic violence center in 2013 and started my first business - working with hyper-local business owners and micro-entrepreneurs to help them better understand the finances of their business.

Believing in the core of my soul that there was a way to make money & change the world (and leaning into nerdy side of my personality), I also studied everything I could about running a business and having a positive impact. I’m currently writing a book to share that message with the world - using stories from my work, current best practices, and over 50 interviews.

One of my core values is collaboration, and I am a firm believer in partnering over ego. This led me to start connecting with and consulting for other entrepreneurs and small business owners who also believe that the power to create change can come from the work that provides for your own life.

That's PK - my mom, best friend, and greatest supporter! (photo by  @julieryanphotography

That's PK - my mom, best friend, and greatest supporter! (photo by @julieryanphotography

You can read more about my journey and where the name Champagne Hippies comes from in my post, How It all Began.

I am currently based (mostly) in St. Augustine, FL (a.k.a. Paradise as my high school bestie always called it), but I love to travel and am a big fan of remote work and dispersed teams. I work with brands, people, and organizations around the world. For an example of some of the people I have partnered with as well as details about some of the projects I have been part of, check out this page. The general synopsis is this: I am the person you want in the room because I will always ask a question that no one else is asking. I am confident because I have the data to back up my strategies, but I will never bore you with data. Instead, I teach and share with authenticity, humor, and empathy.

Although I do my best to lead with love and to live and let live, there are a few things that I refuse to compromise on: (1) Tacos are the best food ever created, (2) My daughter, Emma, is the greatest human to ever live, (3) Everyone needs a person in their life that supports them and believes in them unconditionally (thanks PK!), (3) no one should be a parent that doesn’t want to and everyone that wants to should get to be, and (4) the world can {and will be} changed by small business owners and entrepreneurs who step into the power they have.

Oh. One more thing.

We are all multi-dimensional and that is the definition of diversity.

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