What are your 4 a.m. questions?

As business owners, we all come across things that we don’t know how to do or situations where we don’t know the right decision. Most of us started our businesses because we wanted to make money doing something we love - and we want to be of service to our communities.


That desire, that passion, and that unique trade/skill is what will help us provide top quality service and products to our customers. But, it doesn’t come with all the knowledge required to successfully run a business. We can spend hours upon hours thinking about these things - hours that could be used to grow our business, spend time with our families, and service our existing clients. And these tend to be the questions that keep us from falling asleep or wake us up at 4 a.m. and send us to Google!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone you could ask all those business-y questions to? Can you imagine how much easier it would be to run your business if you only did the things you know how to do and love to do - and you had someone else to help with the rest?

That’s where I come in! When I first started my business, I had a trusted group of mentors and advisors who were all committed to helping me learn how to run a business. Some of them I traded work with, and some of them I paid. I know that I could not have had the success I did without them - and I have a law degree! Over time, I did pick up some skills and knowledge in other areas as I started to find my own passions and lean into the parts of running my business that I loved and was better at. That’s how I transitioned my own business from strictly finance and bookkeeping to full on business consulting.

I want to be your resource for these questions. In addition to my law degree, I’ve been launching, supporting, growing, and managing businesses for the past 6 years. I’m a certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor and certified Inbound Marketer from Hubspot. I’ve helped my clients write employee manuals, create contracts, set up automatic billing, find their ideal client, create marketing campaigns, build a squarespace website, and so much more. I’m also really great at knowing what I don’t know and have helped a number of clients find the right people for their team.

Some of you don’t need a long-term consultant. Some of you can’t afford consulting rates. Some of you don’t even know what you would be paying for!

This program is for you.

For one monthly price, you can e-mail me any question you have about running your business. I guarantee a response within 48 hours. If I don’t know the answer, or I know it needs more research or a more official response, I’ll let you know that too. And I’ll tell you what that would cost!

My consulting fees start at $300/month! For the first three months of 2019, I’m offering this program at only $50/month (lifetime cost) - April 1st the price goes up!

Wondering if you are a good fit?


I just launched this program on January 1, and here are some of the questions I’ve already helped people with:

  • What is the difference in a non-compete and a non-solicitation agreement and do I need one?

  • Should I start a podcast?

  • How can I monetize my blog posts? Is that really a thing?

  • When should I become and LLLC? What about an S Corp? What is an S Corp?

  • How do I find my ideal client?

  • Do I need Quickbooks?

  • Should this person be a contractor or a w-2 employee?

  • Can I write-off my home internet bill if I don’t have an office?

  • How do I know how much money I really made?

  • What is this weird letter I got from the IRS?

And my favorite so far - My payroll person disappeared, and I need to file w-2s but I have no idea how to get the information.

That’s right! This program gives you access to the answers to all of these questions - and many more!

Still not convinced? Wondering if I really know what I’m talking about? Here’s what a few of the people I’ve worked with have to say.