It’s easy to think about the larger companies - like Tom’s or Virgin - and dismiss their ability to focus on their values as being a product of their size and revenue. But, there are some amazing people running amazing values-based businesses all around us! I’d love to be able to meet each of them/you in person over coffee and talk about the joys and struggles that come when you choose to lead with your values - but for now, I’ll settle with sharing their stories here and on the upcoming podcast!

Although they may not know it till I reach out to them, these Changemakers are true Champagne Hippies.

Every time I connect with one of these amazing people, I walk away feeling like everything I dream of is possible. I also walk away understanding that it is just as hard and just as fun and just as rewarding for other people as it is for me! They are the inspiration that led me to create Champagne Hippies and they continue to inspire me everyday.

Do you have a friend or colleague (or maybe yourself!) that you think should be included on this page - someone who is working hard to incorporate their values into running their business or leading their team? Email me or fill out this form and tell me why!

Click each post to learn more about what these Changemakers are doing to incorporate their values into their business or organizations.

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