My work is all about helping you grow your dream business in a way that feels right to you. It’s about setting the tone, upleveling the experience, and speaking your truth.

Any time someone new comes into my house, the first thing they say is “It’s so clear that you live here. I can see and feel you in every part of this home.” That’s what I do for businesses. Giving equal time and attention to the strategy and the energy, I help you create a business that is very clearly you - and makes you money.

How this works is different for every partnership, but over the past 6 years has included the following:

  • business strategy

  • finance & marketing consulting

  • community building

  • systems creation

  • leadership development

  • event planning

  • writing

  • research

  • course creation & design

  • office setup and aesthetics

  • operations manuals & people agreements

  • workshop creation & delivery

  • coordination of podcast guests, interviews, and featured experts

The brands to the right, while not exhaustive, are a great representation of the types of clients I work with. Click each logo to learn more about their missions and our work together.

Would you like to use your values to design a business you love AND have practical advice and help with everyday business decisions? Contact me to schedule a time to chat!