Consulting Package for Small Business Owners/Entrepreneurs

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to make all the decisions that come with owning the business of your dreams? I feel you! Small business owners are some of the busiest people on the planet. Going through a values clarity session will help you make these decisions with ease.


How it works:

  • We start with an overview of what a values-based business is and how to shift from traditional success models to a sustainable and comprehensive success model that considers Profits, People, and Planet.

  • We go through a values exercise so you can get a clear picture of how you want all of the stakeholders connected to your business to be affected by it.

  • We use those values to make the decisions you have to make every day.

Time Commitment: Requires a six month commitment. Parts 1 & 2 happen in an initial 2-3 hour session. Part 3 is ongoing support that is on an as needed basis.

Contact us today for a quote based on the specifics of your business!