Consulting Package for Startup Companies (who have a team)

The exact perfect time to do a values clarity exercise is when you are just getting going with your startup! You are on the bring of so many big decisions - who to accept investment from, which accelerators to apply to, how your materials will be sourced, whether you will hire only as employees or collaborate with independent contractors, if your team will be required to cme to the office or work remotely across the country (or world), what salaries you will set, what benefits you will provide, and so much more!


Once you have an agreed upon set of values, you will have a common language and direction for how you will make these decision and carry out the mission of your company.

How it works:

  • Nestled in-between your “what business should I start” moment and your “getting clear on your unique value proposition” moment, this package makes sure everyone is on the same page and has the same goals.

  • We start with an overview of what a values-based business is and how to shift from traditional success models to a sustainable and comprehensive success model that considers Profits, People, and Planet.

  • Next we go through an early-stage version of the values clarity exercise to create an agreed upon set of values that your company will use in the launch/incubate/accelerate phase. This includes agreeing to a broad vision of how your unique idea/company will be seen in the marketplace.

  • Step 3 is to learn how to use these agreed-upon values to make the BIG decisions you have coming up like how to spend that investment money, how many people to hire and what the requirements should be, what HR policies you will have, which incubator/accelerator/VC you will work with next, and how to use your values to hire your collaborators (investors, lawyers, accountants, etc.).

  • Ongoing optional support available in six month increments. This is your chance to come back to me or my team time and time again to check in with your values. From understanding what to do when values change or compete with each other, to the literal application of them to the multiple moving parts, you’ll have my support.

Time Commitment: Varies depending on stage, location and needs of startup, but can normally be done in one longer session or a series of mini-sessions.

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