Consulting Package for Nonprofit Boards

Nonprofits are amazing at focusing on their mission and the populations they serve. The struggle comes in how they carry out that mission. From budget meetings to strategic planning, if your board has a cohesive set of values, you’ll be able to come to decisions more easily about where to use your limited resources and how to have the greatest impact.


How it works:

  • We start with an overview of what using your values means and how it can be used to make nonprofit decisions.

  • Once we have an agreed upon lexicon, we dig into a values exercise that results in the board coming to an agreement on what values they want to use to create a strategic plan.

  • Step 3 is to learn how to return to the agreed upon values when making strategic decisions. Using real world examples, we cover how to use your values as a tie-breaker, how to choose between competing values, and how to double check with your values before moving forward.

Time commitment: Can be done in a one day “retreat” style event or over multiple sessions.

Investment: $750 - $1500 depending on annual revenue.