Values Clarity package for C-Suite Executives

The executive team of a company is constantly faced with decisions about how to move forward, what programs to carry out, what hires need to be made, what suppliers to use, what collaborations to form, and so much more!

Our values impact not only how our clients, staff and community interact with us, but also how we carry out the work we are doing. When you are using a team of executives and manager to lead your company, getting a consensus on the values of your company can help you make complex decisions with ease.

Although this exercise can be done at any time, key times to consider are before budget process begins, before expansion, before a systems upgrade, and/or before salary reviews.


How it works:

  • We start with an overview of what a values-based business is and how to shift from traditional success models to a sustainable and comprehensive success model that considers Profits, People, and Planet.

  • Once we have an agreed upon lexicon, we dig into a values exercise that results in the executive team coming to an agreement on what values they want to support with their business.

  • Step 3 is to learn how to return to the agreed upon values when making business decisions. Using real world examples, we cover how to use your values as a tie-breaker, how to choose between competing values, and how to double check with your values before moving forward.

Time commitment: Can be done in a one day “retreat” style event or over multiple sessions.

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