As both business owners and humans, one of the ways that we can incorporate our values into everything we are doing is by spending according to those values. Whether you are looking for a place to host your staff holiday party, buying gifts for your clients, friends, & family, or simply stuffing stockings - choosing companies and people whose values align with yours is key to surviving the holiday season with JOY.

I’ve curated a series of tips and product spotlights to help you do just that!

**click on each post to learn more about the impact the particular brand/company/entrepreneur is having


These tips include interviews with values-based entrepreneurs who are leaders in these themes. Click each one to learn more about why they (and I) believe it’s so important to incorporate these values into your own spending as well as tips from them on running a values-based business all year round!

Bonus Tip: Use Local Restaurants for Holiday Parties, Staff Lunches, or Festive Dates! Consider having your meetings and celebrations at local restaurants that serve freshly sourced food and go above and beyond in how they treat their staff (year-round). Read the posts below to revisit two of my personal favorites and remember why these things are so important.


Looking for specific companies to support this season (or all year)? Look no further! The following companies are working hard to change the world through their business in numerous ways. Each post tells the story of why I love this company so much, what they are doing to incorporate their values into their businesses, and links to purchase. A few even have special discount codes at the bottom just for Champagne Hippies readers! 

Want more product ideas? Click the links below to revisit some of my favorite product reviews of the year - which also happen to make GREAT holiday gifts!

(PS: Some of these also have discounts at the bottom of the post.)