What does it mean to “shop conscious”?

Living your life values-based extends well beyond how you run your business or participate in your organization. As consumers, we have the choice every day to purchase from companies that share our values. Part of the mission here at Champagne Hippies is to highlight the brands and makers who are incorporating their values into the products they are selling. From local jewelry makers to national brands and even international NGOs, we work hard to curate a special collection of companies you can purchase from!

Click each product to learn more about the brand and why I love them. Many times discount codes will be offered too (though they sometimes expire shortly after the post goes live, so look for those dates).

There is also a link at the very bottom to our current Holiday Shopping Guide where we’ve included tips to incorporate your values into all of your holiday spending!

Want to know more about how you can use your purchasing power to affect change? Check out the book Buy The Change You Want to See by Jane Mosbacher Morris.

And, if you know a values-based product company that you want to see featured here, contact us!