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I have been speaking in front of audiences (from 1 to 300+) since I was in middle school. I’ve also attended a TON of events and conferences and am mindful to always provide more value than I would expect to receive as an attendee.


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Together We Rise

This is my signature talk on the nitty gritty of what values-based business is and why it matters. Understanding the power small business owners and entrepreneurs have to create real and immediate change in their own communities - while making MORE money - is the key to building this movement of people who make money and change the world. Applicable to business owners in every industry, it includes tips on how to start doing small things today and the effect those things can have on your business, your team, and your community. Also covers (or can be tailored towards) topics such as knowing how to apply your values to your business decisions, choosing between conflicting values, using your values to streamline your marketing efforts, and replacing networking burnout with values-based connection.

Can be used as an introduction to a values-clarity workshop as described in this post. Workshop mirrors the options on this page and will be tailored for your audience.

Stop Kissing Frogs

Ever hear the phrase “You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince?” That’s how many business owners treat their marketing - trying to connect with as many people as possible so that they can find their dream client/customer in the mix. Designed especially for marketing focused events, this workshop/talk discusses how to avoid getting caught in the trap of “securing the 5 star google review.” This is a practical/hands on workshop that goes through understanding how a negative review can be a positive boost for your business and how to flip the script from 1 star to Superstar service.

Move over coffee, today is a day for Champagne!

Hustle. Grit. Grind. Perseverance. Determination. Dedication. Balance. These are all words commonly used to inspire and describe running a business. We often see ourselves as overcomers - people who are doing the thing that most will never do. And we have been told that in order to do that Big Thing, we have to encompass all of these things. In contrast, thinking about sipping a glass of bubbly sparks up images of slowing down, celebrating a moment, and enjoying the finer things life has to offer. This talk shares my secret sauce of blend over balance to help you build your own tribe of Mythbusters and make more money with less stress.

Don’t I need to start a nonprofit if I want to change the world?

Based on the bonus chapter of my upcoming book, this talk goes through many myths and misconceptions that lead people to start a non-profit when a values-based business or social enterprise is a better fit. I’ll also detail the two times when you SHOULD start a non-profit.