Can your company make money and a difference?

Yes! There are many companies, both large and small who are making money by operating at the intersection of economics and spirituality. Current vernacular calls this conscious capitalism,  but, to me, it is simply values-based earning.  Values-based earning is when the business you run (or job you choose to have) makes you money and makes your world better.   

The main categories of these companies/practices are as follows:

  • the one-for-one model

  • donating a % of sales

  • supply chain focus

  • direct healers

  • HR policies

There's been a significant increase in companies that have a donative social good component.  The company itself may or may not have a mission that includes making the world better (however broad that is), but they have decided to donate a portion of their sales to a social cause or to follow the one-for-one model (made famous by Tom's shoes) and give a commodity for each commodity they sell.  

Another model is when the business actually donates some portion of revenue to a charitable cause.  Much of this operates the same as the one-for-one model.  The difference, obviously, is that the organization receiving the money can choose how to spend the money.  

There are also companies who are building their brands (and profits) by creating products that are themselves better for the world: organic, fair trade, low carbon footprint, and more.  They are focusing on supply chain and ingredients or lowering their carbon footprint.

There are also companies whose revenue stream is focused on healing people directly.  From doctors to life-coaches, these include for profit companies who sell some version of bettering your life - physically, mentally, or spiritually.

The final aspect of values-based earning applies to how the company is being run internally and how they are treating their employees.  Whether it's higher wages, increased benefits, flexible work locations/schedules or any combination of these, these companies believe that increasing the life quality of their employees also increases their profits.  

One of my favorite versions of a company that promotes values-based earning are the companies that have a social good mission and a donative aspect and better HR policies!  Although this is the trifecta of social good business, the Champagne Hippies brand is all about being exactly where you are, doing what you can and having a positive impact along the way.