how it all began

A few years ago I was sitting on the patio of one of my favorite bars in town.  Surrounded by friends old and new, we drank great craft beer, listened to amazing local music and worked to solve all the worlds problems before the sun came up.

I overheard someone sitting near me complaining about how the CFO of a local charity drives around in a Jaguar and how sad it is because the money could do so much more for the people the charity serves. Everything in me started feeling uncomfortable and angry.

I looked at this person and commented the following -

"If this woman is qualified to be the CFO of a multi-million dollar non-profit, she must be qualified to be the CFO of any number of multi-million dollar companies and would be making an lot more money than she is now.  She is so passionate about this cause that she is sacrificing probably half her salary to work for the cause.  We don't criticize doctors or politicians for how much money they make, but she should drive a more sensible car?  We pay athletes in the multi-million dollars a year salary - but someone who is sacrificing to change the world should live in a salary that leaves her burned out and struggling to make ends meet?"

No one really had anything to say, and I'm glad because that's as well-thought-out as my views were at that point.  But, as a result of that conversation, I started reading and researching everything I could on the idea that one can run a for-profit business AND change the world for the better.

This led me into the worlds of Conscious Capitalism, B-Corps, and Social Good Business.  It also led me to more small-batch-makers than you can count - many of whom are using their talents and desires to create products that are safe(r) for the environment and our bodies all while giving their time, energy and money to other people who are doing the same.

I'm a HUGE personal development junkie and one message that is repeated in almost every single personal development book, seminar, or retreat is simple: "Love yourself and you will make choices that are good for your self."

It's my desire to take this one step further and explore if loving our selves, our neighbors, and our world will steer us to spend our money in ways that are good for us all now and for future generations.