Money: A Love Story

The April Book for my book club was Money: A Love Story by Kate Northrup.  I first read this book in August of 2014.  My journey in personal and spiritual development was super new at this point - and since I (a) ran a financial services business and (b) had already filed bankruptcy twice in my life, I figured Kate's wisdom was a good place to start.  I was also on the way to Chicago for a week-long retreat with the owner of a new social-good business I was partnering with.

I remember taking a photo at the airport because I had my uber-luxurious Starbucks breakfast and I was upgraded to First Class.  Seemed like the Universe was paying attention to my desire to make money and change the world!  I read and took notes furiously on the plane...coming to terms instantly with so much of my own money story.  I started making the connections as to why I struggled with money and making a plan to change that struggle.

There WERE a few things that shifted in my perceptions of money and how I thought about money.  For one, I stopped saying, "I can't afford ...." Another thing was that I started cleaning all of the receipts out of my wallet.  I also started talking about money constantly - how much I made, how much I wanted to make - and encouraging others to do the same.  I also readily adopted the idea that being afraid of losing it all (scarcity mindset) was what kept us from having it all (abundant mindset).

For whatever reason, the buck stopped there.  I have thought it could be because my husband (at the time) wasn't really on board with the whole woo-woo anything. I have thought that it could be because the people I attempted to partner with over the next few years didn't really look at money the same way I did.  I have thought that it was just because I didn't really like the work I was doing to try to make money.  Honestly, I'm not sure why not much else shifted.

But, here I was, 4 years later encouraging my book club to read this book because women need to talk about money more if we want to make more money.  And I didn't read it this time. I looked back at my notes and then shared my book with someone else.  YES! That's how huge the money blocks are in my life - I didn't even read the book again! <3 I did, however, host book club on two different nights to be sure I got to hear the take-aways and advice of ALL of the available book club members.

And WOW!  those were some amazing conversations.  We talked about our stories - from our parents, society, religion, and friends.  We talked about our goals in real dollars.  We talked about how hard it is to ask for money - even when someone owes it to you and has agreed to pay it!  And I listened to suggestions from this - my tribe - about how I can make more money than I am now doing work that I love (or at least don't hate) and how I can move myself further along my goal of Changing the World AND Making Money at the same time.

That's right folks.  That was my goal in 2014 when I first read this book and this is still my goal today.  And, if it wasn't for my dear friend, Cindy, who recently reminded me that every dream we try and walk away from is a SUCCESS because we've knocked one more thing off the list of possible dream careers/relationships/cities/etc., I would be sitting here beating myself up because I'm still trying to figure out (a) how to run a business that makes the world better and me happy and (2) how to make a ton of money doing it.

Instead, I'm grateful for the lessons of the past 4 years. I'm grateful for the opportunity to share this book with a new tribe.  I'm grateful for the 3 credit cards I paid off last week. AND I'm grateful for the amazing new opportunites that are comng my way this year to move Champagne Hippies along to something bigger and better.

If you'd like to check the book out too, click the link above to purchase through my Amazon Affiliate account.  And once you've read the book, I'd love to read your comments below!