Connect, Celebrate & Create (vol. 1)

In April, I hosted my first Connect, Celebrate & Create event designed to highlight and promote Conscious Business Leaders. Over the next year, I’ll be hosting a series of these across Northeast Florida as part of my role as the Program Director for NE Florida for Good.

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 11.15.08 AM.png

Which is a good time to back up and tell you more about that. As I mentioned in my post about Using Your Values to Find Clients, we recently discovered Legacy Vacation resorts - a certified B Corp. When I was looking over their site, I also noticed a little badge at the bottom that said, “Florida For Good.” Naturally, I had to click on it! When I got to the FFG page, I saw the following: “Changing Business in Florida FOR GOOD.”

Obviously I hit “join” immediately! But when the options popped up, they said Central, St. Pete, and Miami. I emailed the info@ on the website and said, “I am in St. Augustine. How can I join NE Florida for Good?” The response came a few days later - “You can start it!” And it’s been a whirlwind from there.

After a long conversation with Jennifer Moreau, the Executive Director, I decided I would, in fact, take on the role of launching and building a brand new chapter in NE Florida. Florida for Good is an umbrella organization that houses conscious businesses of varying kinds (B Corps, Conscious Capitalism, Environmentally Sustainable, and Inclusion Focused to give some examples) across the state of Florida. I am thrilled and honored to be part of the work this important organization is doing.

Back to the event - I decided that my launch strategy would be to host events to celebrate the conscious business owners we have all across the state. I’ll partner with the person/company being celebrated and ask them to invite their own business community to attend. We’ll use the event to connect conscious business owner - with the host company sharing their journey and what they are doing to be more consciously focused, and we’ll use the event to create more conscious business owners - with myself sharing the work I do with Champagne Hippies and Florida for Good.

I kicked this all off in April at an event co-hosted by Sarah Symons of Her Future Coalition - a social enterprise. We had 25 people in attendance and an amazing spread of food, coffee and mimosas provided by Jasmine Wooden of Blue Sage Cuisine, Megan and Spencer of Kookaburra Coffee, and made fresh by my own mother and daughter, as well as Sarah - the event host! I also purchased some local favorites: honey from HoneyTruck, Champagne from Case de Vino57, handmade sugar cubes from City Bistro, and Kombucha from 221 B.C.

The event was plastic free and the only trash was from scraping the plates after our meal. My mom, good friend, and I set the tables with vintage china that has been in my family for generations and fresh flowers taken from our yards. It was truly stunning. I personally invited a handful of people who I know to be cornerstones of conscious business in St. Augustine.

It was a massive success! People came dressed in their Sunday Brunch best. We talked, laughed, drank mimosas and poinsettias, ate till we couldn’t put anything else in our mouths, and created a shared vision of what business can look like in our town. Honestly, I’ve been hosting events for 20+ years, and this was my favorite by far.

Please enjoy the slideshow below, to see photos from the event, courtesy of the amazing and talented Julie Ryan of Julie Ryan Photography! And a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped make this event successful.

P.S. Yes, that is banana pudding in the first photo - my mom’s recipe - and that alone is life-changing.