Myro deodorant

photo courtesy of Myro

photo courtesy of Myro

One of my favorite holiday memes is the one that says how everything your kids tell you they need from Thanksgiving through Christmas becomes part of their Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers! If you are like many parents and like to put the useful things in your kids stocking, I invite you to order Myro deodorant this year!

Speaking of memes, there are about 100 that have to do with natural deodorant. I remember when a few people I knew started using Tom’s of Maine for their deodorant. This was long before I was making the switch to natural beauty in my own life, but since I always like to be on trend, I too tried it. Sadly, I was unimpressed. Over the years, I’ve tried many many natural deodorants and am happy to say that I’ve found a few I actually really like. I even found some that work for my friends who are athletes and for some of those annoying teenage smells…

During the past few years, I’ve also become an advocate for encouraging the green beauty movement to consider more sustainable packaging. Few things are more frustrating to me than spending the extra money to purchase products that are better for me and for the environment and have them come wrapped in plastic or non-recyclable containers.

And so I was extremely excited when I read a post on well insiders about Myro deodorant and their commitment to reducing the waste from single use products. That’s right! Myro comes in a reusable pod that is dishwasher safe and attractive enough to sit on your dresser next to your favorite bottle of perfume.

As is my trend, I hopped over to their website to see what the fuss was all about - after all, this company that makes deodorant just received $2 million in funding and had a 16,000 person waiting list! The slogan that greeted me had me hooked: Because doing good and feeling good should be an everyday thing. Just like deodorant.

Yes! Kudos to the team at Myro for being just a little bit kitchy and knowing their target. The website makes it clear that the values of this company are “high-performance ingredients and highest standards for keeping weird stuff…off your skin.” The branding is bright and colorful and the language is colloquial. Personally, it’s exactly what I want from my deodorant company! After all, there are many things in life that are super serious - choosing your deodorant doesn’t have to be one of them.

photo courtesy of Myro

photo courtesy of Myro

There are lots of companies that talk about their dedication to the environment and clean ingredients - many of them I feature here and most of them I shop from! But Myro was definitely taking this commitment one step further. They call it their “eureka moment.” They wanted to do something to reduce the extra plastic that goes into the normal process of creating beauty products. This stems from one of their clear values: “Make things that consider and respect this world we’re sharing with each other.”

So they designed refillable deodorant pods. Your first order comes with a beautiful case (you choose the color) and a pod to pop down inside. Then each time you reorder, you get only the pod. The pods have way less plastic than a normal stick of deodorant which results in 50% less plastic each time you refill. The extra touches that went into design are clear from every angle - including the fact that the cases are textured so they are easy to find in a dark gym bag or purse!

The extra consideration also shows up when you look at the scents. They offer 5 scents and you are free to change it up with each order. The scents come from essential oils and are mixed with barley powder (which is the part that keeps you dry). If you are an essential oil junkie like me, you probably know which sent is perfect just by reading the ingredients. But, if you aren’t, or if you are buying for a gift/stocking stuffer, have no fear as they have the most descriptive titles and descriptions ever. Each scent description invokes a memory - either one you’ve had or you’ve dreamed of, so it’s easy to know exactly which one you or someone you love would connect with.

photo courtesy of Myro

photo courtesy of Myro

And the thoughtfulness for their consumers extends to their return policies as well. It’s written all over their website that they have a 100% happiness guarantee - no questions asked, no strings, no pressure. This was especially important to me because they are a subscription based company, so when you sign up, you are committing to getting an order in the future (though it’s super easy to cancel or pause your service).

I can tell you from my experience, that they were not lying about their commitment to customer happiness. When my first order came, I LOVED the smell - unfortunately I could smell it as soon as I took the package out of the mailbox because it had leaked. I took a photo, emailed customer service, and another pod was on the way. When that one also arrived leaky, I reached out to let them know that I would like a refund and I wished them all the best as they worked out their shipping packaging. Someone kindly responded that they were happy to refund my money and had, in fact, been working on packaging and would like to ship me another product at their complete expense.

Success! This time the pod came in a beautiful little box and was fully protected from the elements. It snapped easily into my pod and I was good to go. And, as is always the MOST important thing when it comes to deodorant - it worked! I love the smell (I chose Cabin #5 - if you read the description and ingredients, you’ll see why…) and have not had to reapply once during the day. I’ve shared it with family members as well and the response has always been great. If you are looking for a new deodorant or you are planning to stuff your kids stocking with all things hygienic, use the code Champagne to save 25% off your first order (good through the end of the year). So you can get a case and a pod for only $7.50 with free shipping. Refills come every three months and you pay only $10 per month. I love that when Emma goes away to college, I can set her up with this and know that she will never be without deodorant! And, again, their process makes it super easy to change your deliveries or pause your auto-shipment.

Cheers to another company who is pushing the envelope and dedicated to becoming leaders in the values-based business world.