photo courtesy of Compliment

photo courtesy of Compliment

Jewelry, wine glasses, and compliments - Oh My! It’s hard to imagine three things that make me happier. And I’m so excited to have found them all through Compliment!

As women, we are bombarded with so many negative messages every single day - many that we don’t even realize! We are constantly being told that we aren’t good enough or smart enough or skinny enough or rich enough - that we are not enough. A few years ago, I made it part of my personal mission to help as many women as possible see that they ARE in fact ENOUGH. Compliment has been a huge part of how I work to achieve this.

Imagine opening a piece of beautiful jewelry and seeing the words, “you are enough.” You take a moment to stop and think about that; you smile and hopefully exhale just a bit. But this is so much more than just a quick note or card telling someone how amazing they are - seeing that piece of jewelry with those kind words creates a connection in your brain, and every time you put on that necklace or pair of earrings, you will be reminded that someone somewhere in the world believes that you are enough, you are beautiful, or you are loved.

photo courtesy of Compliment

photo courtesy of Compliment

I’ve been trying to remember how I first discovered Compliment or met Melissa - the founder, and I honestly am not sure. What I do know is that every thing I have ever ordered from Compliment and every time I have ever spoken with Melissa, it has far exceeded my expectations!

It only makes sense that a former English teacher would use her company to share the values of how important words are. In fact, Compliment’s core values (as stated on the website) start with that:

We believe words have power.
We believe kindness matters.
We believe education changes people.
We believe people change the world.
We believe we rise by lifting others.®

Take a minute and think about that. I talk a lot on this site about how to be sure your values are coming through your business - and Compliment is a company that is really living their values.

Although jewelry is almost always my favorite gift - the site is full of many other ways to share the message of positivity. I’m a huge fan of the “you are my bestie” wine glasses that come as a set of 2 so you can enjoy your favorite wine with your best friend! I also really love this journal that comes with the phrase, “your voice matters” or “it’s a very cool thing to be a smart girl.”

Currently, Compliment also has bundles packages on their site which make the perfect holiday gifts! My favorite (and possibly my personality type…) is The Advocate.

photo courtesy of Compliment.

photo courtesy of Compliment.

And it’s not just about sending people you love beautiful products with positive messages. From day one, Compliment has donated 5% of their sales to a scholarship fund set up by Melissa! This is just one of the ways she supports her values that education changes people and “we rise by lifting others.” The other ways? She also has courses for business owners on Instagram and Content Creation and runs a Facebook Group called Business with Integrity.

One of the great challenges in running a values-based business is finding the balance between helping the world and making money - and I’ve learned so much from Melissa over the past few years about giving away as much information as you can and then creating programs and opportunities where you can get paid what you are worth for the rest!

I hope that you will consider visiting Shop Compliment today and purchasing something special for that favorite lady in your life.