photo courtesy of SYLK

photo courtesy of SYLK

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and yet, many of us focus way more on what we eat than what touches our skin. Once I realized this and started making the shift to natural makeup and skincare, it followed naturally that I would also be on the hunt for a natural lube.

Lube not only goes on your skin, it goes on your most delicate of skin! This is one place we should all be super careful about what products we are using and what ingredients they contain.

I’m so happy to have discovered SYLK USA a few years ago and to have become both an advocate and an affiliate for this amazing company.

In addition to the product working - and it DOES work… the company is dedicated to changing the conversation around sexual wellness, which is one of my favorite things!

SYLK is the only water-based moisturizing lubricant made with 100% purified natural New Zealand kiwifruit vine extract. The vine extract replicates the vagina’s natural, healthy pH balance and is very similar to natural lubrication. Combined with 7 other ingredients, SYLK is designed to mimic the body’s natural lubrication and feels oh-so smooth. And the company has been selling the product internationally for many years. My friend, Mariessa, and her family purchased the USA rights a few years ago and have been marketing it here ever since.

photo courtesy of SYLK

photo courtesy of SYLK

My favorite products are the ones that mimic what your body does naturally and that’s just one of the reasons I love SYLK. Also, in case you are wondering, it is totally not as messy and gooey as some of the other products out there!

And even though many of us think about sex when we think about lube, SYLK is also working to change the conversation about why and when women need lube. It’s definitely not just for sex! Many women struggle with dryness lots of other times and there are a number of reasons for that. Truly, this is why the conversation matters - it really is all about creating space for people to find the solutions they need.

I hope that you’ll give SYLK a try! If you use the code, LAKAY, you can try a tube for only $19.95 and get free shipping!