Values-Based Product Spotlight: Tuft & Needle

 photo courtesy of Tuft & Needle

photo courtesy of Tuft & Needle

I first learned of Tuft & Needle (T&N) mattresses from one of my favorite leaders in the spiritual movement - Sarah Jenks.  She posted on her Facebook page sometime in 2014 that she had heard about this great mattress company and couldn't wait to try it out.  I hadn't had a new mattress in about 7 years and happened to be on the market for one, so it felt like perfect timing.

I was blown away by the website and the concept.  The design (of the site) was simple, modern and gorgeous.  The photos used represented the life I wanted to have.  The concept was even better.  The company was started by two friends who were tired of people being taken advantage of by the mattress market.  They believed they could make a luxury mattress and sell it at a price the general public could afford.  They also refused outside funding because they wanted to answer only to their customers and not investors.  I was hooked!  But it got better - this was also a true social good company because they were donating mattresses to homeless shelters.*

The only scary part was that you had to order the mattress online.  Thankfully (1) they had an amazing try it out guarantee so there really wasn't any risk and (2) their mattresses are amazing so I've never had to send one back!  I ordered a King Size mattress and eagerly awaited its arrival.

The wait wasn't very long, and it was worth every day.  I loved that mattress from day one.  I had less problems with my back and I slept better overall.  But the best part, for me, really was that I felt good about my purchase. I had purchased a luxury-feeling mattress but not spent more money than I could afford to spend AND felt like I was supporting a good company.

 photo courtesy of Tuft & Needle

photo courtesy of Tuft & Needle

Since this first time, I've recommended T&N to everyone I know who is looking for a mattress and purchased two more for my own household.  One of my favorite moments of a particularly stressful time in my life was when I bought Emma a T&N mattress for her own room and she was so excited that we could finally afford for her to have a fancy mattress!

The success of T&N makes me really happy as well.  A Forbes article from 2016 details how the company turned $6,000 from its founders and a $500,000 loan into $1 million dollars in its first year and has gone up from there. In fact, I've heard they are the #1 selling mattress on Amazon.  They've also grown from a handful of employees to over 100.  And they did all of this by using high-quality materials and offering much-desired benefits to their employees.  Not only were they the first social good business I fell in love with - they were the first to prove to me that you can make money and make the world better for all of us.

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*My memory tells me that when I bought my first T&N mattress it was a one-for-one model, but I can find no evidence of that.  Their current policy is that if you don't like your mattress (after sleeping on it for up to 100 nights), they refund your money and help you donate the one you bought to a homeless shelter.

Disclaimer: Non referenced material comes from T&N website or my own memories and perspectives.  I am writing this post as a completely independent party and am not affiliated with T&N in any way.  However, if you use my link to purchase a T&N mattress, I do receive a commission from Amazon. As with any other product I recommend on my site, I do so because the product works for me and I love it!