Violets are Blue

photo courtesy of violets are blue

photo courtesy of violets are blue

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me how special Breast Cancer support is. When I discovered Violets are Blue and learned that she not only creates a special line of natural products that are perfect for users in chemo, but also donates 10% of her sales to give these products away, I was in love.

I have also had the pleasure of meeting Cynthia Besteman in person and she is every bit as amazing as her products. We attended the WELL Summit together a few years ago, and I was privileged to share both a meal and a life-changing workshop with her! Cynthia is a survivor, and she created Violets are Blue because she was shocked by the number of beauty products that are marketed as “natural” and still contain parabens, sulfates, and other chemicals known to work as endocrine disruptors linked to cancer and reproductive concerns.

When you meet Cynthia, you immediately know that she is a force to be reckoned with. She has that blatant honesty that seems to be a byproduct of being a New Yorker, but she delivers it with the empathy and kindness of your best friend. One of my conversations with her is the #1 reason I continue to try to give up my addiction to Aveda Shampure.

But the best thing about Violets are Blue isn’t actually the give-back component or the fact that Cynthia is one of the best people I’ve met. It’s that the products are absolutely top-of-the-line.

I started with the deodorant as I am on a constant search for natural deodorant that works and smells good. I’m not a put-it-on-with-your-fingers kind of gal, and I had previously used a roll on. Being able to use her roll-on deodorant and have it work great made me a lifetime customer. Since then, I’ve ordered the lotion numerous times as a gift - I’m told my mom’s husband loves to use it on his bald head before he goes to sleep - and have given my mom many a tube of the chapstick!

photo courtesy of violets are blue

photo courtesy of violets are blue

The second best thing about Violets are Blue (in my opinion) is the branding. I am as Champagne as I am Hippie, and I love the modern luxury feel to the branding. It makes me feel like I’ve arrived - the way I always imagined it would feel to be able to afford beauty products from Nordstrom or Bergdorfs.

And although I haven’t used any of the products, the Beloved Line is a true joy as well. I wish that we had this when my mom was in treatment. These products are created without fragrance and specifically designed to smooth and comfort chapped and tired skin as a result of chemo. If anyone you know is going through treatment (or has a particular sensitivity to fragrance), I hope that you’ll consider sending them the Beloved Gift Set.

I hope that you will check out her shop today! You can also find her products at Nordstrom and Anthropologie.