I’m LaKay Cornell.  I am a goddess, a #spiritjunkie, a single mom, a serial entrepreneur, a finance guru, and a full-on mistake-making human. My passion is local economy, and I truly believe the world will be changed by socially good business and conscious consumerism. My life goal is to make people's dreams come true - including those of myself and my 17-year-old superhero of a daughter. 

Since 2012, I’ve been on a path to living my life in a more conscious way, and I love to share the humor and joy that abounds from community building and world change. 

A talented marketer and true connector, I feature values-based entrepreneurs and brands on my website and social media. In 2019, I'll be expanding these features to write a book and launch a podcast as well as partnering with some of these brands to launch a values-based online boutique.

In addition to writing and speaking about how to create a values-based business, I help entrepreneurs, small business owners, community leaders, and general changemakers launch, run, grow, and manage values-based businesses. As both a Quickbooks Pro Advisor and a Certified Inbound Marketer from Hubspot, I have the ability to offer my consulting clients a variety of services and support including accounting, marketing, human resources, strategic planning, and so much more.

But, just as important, I am also able to create a space where values-based entrepreneurs and changemakers feel supported and listened to. I understand the ups and downs/ joys and pains/ and all the in-between that comes with being a conscious entrepreneur, and it is one of my greatest joys to partner with dedicated individuals and changemakers across the country.

I'm also currently fundraising to open The Space STA - a coworking, creative, and community space dedicated to providing access to a supportive community, affordable resources, and valuable experiences for local entrepreneurs and changemakers in order to help their businesses succeed.

If you’d like to know more about how Champagne Hippies was born, read my post How It all Began. You can also learn more about my own journey to mindfulness, by reading my post for Holl & Lane Magazine, My Modern Spirituality Journey.

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Work with me!

Defining your Values: Leadership 101 Session or Workshop

Defining your values as a business owner and/or leader is the necessary step to targeting the right customers, creating the right team, and making more money. In this session, we get clear on what values you want to share with the world and how to incorporate them into the everyday running of the business.

This is great for business owners in a one-on-one setting or we can set up a workshop for your leadership team, nonprofit board, or networking group. It can also be adapted as a break-out session for a conference.

For more information on why this workshop is important and what it includes, click here.

Click here to schedule a FREE connection call or here to send me an email and share your vision. During the call we’ll discuss which option is right for you - solo or group - and how to make it happen!

To hear what my clients say about working with me, check out this page!

*Pricing starts at $250 (price is total for workshop - can be divided among participants).

One on one consulting

Working with me looks a little different for each of my clients. The first step is to have a conversation about what your needs are in your business - bookkeeping, accounting advising, marketing help, or even getting connected to the people you already know you need! I’m here to help alleviate some of the stress that comes from running your dream business. Click here to schedule a FREE connection call or here to send me an email. During the call we’ll discuss your needs and what you can use support with in your business. I’ll follow up with options at three price points.

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*Pricing starts at $300/month.

Quickbooks Online Training

Learn how to use Quickbooks Online in a training tailored specific to your business. Includes setup, 2 training sessions (in person or virtually), and 3 months of e-mail support. Add on support options are available once the three months is over.

To hear what my clients say about working with me, check out this page!

*Pricing starts at $300

Ask the Guru

I've been consulting with small businesses for over 5 years and have background and certifications in law, tax, finance, marketing, HR, contracts and more!  This has given me a wealth of knowledge and exposure to many different business struggles and scenarios.

I want to be your business guru - the person you ask all your questions - so you spend less time wondering/researching/analyzing and more time doing the work you love.  

For only $50 a month, you can email me any question about business that you have. I'll respond within 48 hours - with either the answer or a quote for longer research.  

To hear what my clients say about working with me, check out this page!

Interested? Click here to schedule a free intro call with me to discuss!

*Price is $50/month