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I’m LaKay Cornell.  I am a goddess, a #spiritjunkie, a single mom, a serial entrepreneur, a finance guru, and a full-on mistake-making human. My passion is local economy, and I truly believe the world will be changed by socially good business and conscious consumerism. My life goal is to make people's dreams come true - including those of myself and my 17-year-old superhero of a daughter. 

Since 2012, I’ve been on a path to living my life in a more conscious way, and I love to share the humor and joy that abounds from community building and world change. 

It is my core belief that the world will be changed through social good business. Out of the estimated 7 billion small businesses in the US, only 13% of them are expected to cross the $500K revenue benchmark. That means 6 billion businesses are operating under that level. These hyper-local businesses have the power to make massive change in our communities by incorporating social good values into what they are doing. This includes everything from sustainable packaging to paying a living wage and incorporating a specific social good focus and so much more.

This is grass roots change at its finest. I’m on a mission to help everyone from the owner of your favorite taco stop to the purveyor’s of a farmer’s market understand that we hold the power to have massive impact on our communities - and we get to make money doing it! As both a Quickbooks Pro Advisor and a Certified Inbound Marketer from Hubspot, I have the ability to offer my consulting clients a variety of services and support including accounting, marketing, human resources, strategic planning, and so much more.

But, just as important, I am also able to create a space where values-based entrepreneurs and changemakers feel supported and listened to. I understand the ups and downs/ joys and pains/ and all the in-between that comes with being a conscious entrepreneur, and it is one of my greatest joys to partner with dedicated individuals and changemakers across the country.

I am currently writing my first book - due out later this year. This book takes the information that exists for larger companies to learn how to transition to a triple bottom line focus (Profit, People, Planet) and applies it to the hyper-local business. A mix of statistics, stories, and simple exercises, it will be the go-to guide for any small business owner or entrepreneur navigating running their dream business and creating lasting change in their communities.

If you’d like to know more about how Champagne Hippies was born, read my post How It all Began.

To hear what my clients have to say about working with me, check out this page!

In addition to the options below, I frequently partner with other values-based brands who can use my skill set and share my own core values. You can learn more about those projects by clicking here.

Hire me to speak:

Lead with your Values: how to increase profit + impact by getting clear on what matters to you

Defining your values as a business owner and/or leader is the necessary step to targeting the right customers, creating the right team, and making more money. This makes the perfect break-out session for a conference as well as an inspirations key-note message. Whatever your target, every business owner can benefit from learning how to incorporate their values into their business decisions and how making small changes today can have a greater impact on your community.

Contact me today to discuss your event and current speaking fees.

This can also be done in a one-on-one setting (see below).

Hire me to write for you:

Guest post and ongoing series writing

Do you have a platform, but are looking for a unique perspective? I love sharing the message of doing business for good with other communities. I frequently write about incorporating your values into your business based on specific industries. Contact me to discuss your target market and how I might provide value to your community. Rates vary based on market and turn-around time.

Hire me to work one-on-one:

One on one consulting

Working with me looks a little different for each of my clients. The first step is to have a conversation about what your needs are in your business - bookkeeping, accounting advising, marketing help, or even getting connected to the people you already know you need! The next step will be to get clear on what your values are and how to use those to guide the decisions you know you need to make. Contact me to learn more about how this works and current pricing.