Champagne Hippies helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders increase their profits and impact by incorporating their values into their business decision making.

If you are clear on what your values are and you lead with them - you WILL make more money.

And because you are supporting your values, your business will have a great impact on the things that matter to you most. We help you learn to take all of the stakeholders into consideration (shareholders + clients/customers + staff + collaborators + community) while making business decisions move forward towards a more profitable and impactful business. 

The Bonus? Time has shown over and over again that companies that incorporate their values directly into their business increase their bottom line. So you get to run a company that supports your beliefs and your life.

But this is not an all or nothing philosophy - this is a world full of humans doing the best they know how and consciously looking at people and business in a holistic way.  We help you make small changes, with every decision, that push you toward your dream business.

Want to know more? Welcome home. We are glad you are here. Join us! Together we'll work for change - in our companies, our lives and our world.


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