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Using your values to run your companies = making more money + having a greater impact.

And because you are supporting your values, your business will have a great impact on the things that matter to you most. Business owners are in a unique position to use their business as a force for good in their community. I will help you take all the stakeholders into consideration (shareholders + clients/customers + staff + collaborators + community) while making business decisions. Whether you are a one-person show, running a mid level corporate company, launching a social enterprise, or heading up a nonprofit, learning how to incorporate your values into your daily and long-term decisions will move you towards a more profitable, sustainable and impactful business. 

And is not an all or nothing philosophy - this is a world full of humans doing the best they know how and consciously looking at people and business in a holistic way.  I can help you make small changes, with every decision, that push you toward your dream business and help you contribute to the creation of your dream planet.

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